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15:00–18:00 Jena, Volkshaus, Großer Saal

Robyn Doty & Frances Chiaverini

Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You Work is a platform addressing sexual harassment, discrimination and abuse in the arts with a special focus on the performance arts. Dancer Frances Chiaverini and writer Robyn Doty, founders of the initiative are facilitating a workshop to open a forum where the local community can engage in a discussion, directly pointing out abuses of power, identifying deficits and formulating strategies of empowerment.

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Robyn Doty is a freelance writer/artist and co-founder of Whistle While You Work, a platform against sexual harassment and discrimination in the performance arts. She graduates from the Goethe University Frankfurt in 2019 with a Masters in Anglophone Literature Culture and Media and has studied transcultural, media, and memory studies. In 2017 she co-organized a weeklong postcolonial studies Summer School about performance. Since 2016 she has collaborated with BOHL (Frances Chiaverini and Katja Cheraneva), Roderick George’s knoname dance company, and Katja Cheraneva and has shown her work at the Goethe University and has had her poetry and photography published online.

Frances Chiaverini, Juilliard (BFA 2003) lives and works in the US and Germany as a performer and director. In the last 5 years she was an Artist Fellow at PACT Zollverein, danced in The Forsythe Company until it’s close, and was on the cover of Dance Magazine’s 25 to Watch. She co-founded Whistle While You Work calling out sexism, discrimination, and harassment in dance and performance and conducts workshops everywhere. Frances is creating a new work supported by Theaterförderung Stadt Frankfurt to premiere in 2019 and is currently performing with Trajal Harrell.

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